And the winners are…drumroll, please!

Mitsubishi and Miovision are first-ever recipients of the McRock Climate Action Awards for excellence in addressing climate change among Digital Industrial technology leaders

These guys are too busy doing their thing—improving the state of the world for the rest of us—to be tooting their own horns. So we’re doing it for them. Cue the balloon drop and pop the champagne!

We established the McRock Climate Action Awards to draw attention to how digital transformation is driving the industrial carbon transition and to spotlight the DI innovators who are making real progress in our collective efforts to find solutions for global climate change. We’re thrilled to be announcing the winners at our 10th Digital Industrial Symposium. Bring on the accolades!

Mitsubishi Corporation is being awarded Climate Action Corporate Leader of the Year because of their effective approaches, substantial investments and outcomes in promoting environmental friendliness and advancing sustainable development. Mitsubishi’s commitment to climate action is a key element of the senior leadership’s business strategy and includes several aggressive targets for building a carbon neutral community—both in its own operations and in creating a steady energy supply. They have formalized Digital and Energy Transformation strategies, which includes for example, transitioning to renewable energy sources with the help of digital technology and artificial intelligence in power generation forecasting. And they’ve also used this technology to develop a food distribution platform to minimize food waste and, by extension, reduce CO2 emissions. How cool is that?

Climate Action Tech Company of the Year is awarded to Miovision for their tangible achievements in delivering digital solutions that drive climate impacts. These traffic technology innovators are reducing road congestion and vehicle emissions all while improving public safety through scalable intelligent transportation solutions. The management team of the privately owned organization shares a common vision for using technology and big data to address the challenges of climate change. Their most recent acquisition—Global Traffic Technologies—is enabling Miovision to build in traffic signal prioritization sensors to further reduce transit and emergency responder delays. Optimizing signal timing is a simple but highly effective strategy for reducing GHG emissions that is helping urban planners around the world yield tangible results in reaching their climate targets.

OK, yes, we’re admittedly biased when it comes to Miovision, but you should know the recipients of these awards were selected by a panel of independent judges. Huge thanks to these incredible industry leaders for joining our judging panel to identify and celebrate the innovators who are making a difference:

  • Michelle de Cordova, Principal, ESG Global Advisors
  • Alison Nankivell, Senior Vice President, Funds and Global Scaling, BDC Capital
  • Rachel Guthrie, VP, Corporate Sustainability Group, EDC

Keep your eyes open for the companies that will be contending for these awards in 2024. They’re already out there, doing their thing, to make the world a better place for all of us.