Welcome to the McRock Family, Stream!

Praemo Rolled into Model Simulating Software Innovator

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. We think in the Digital Industrial world it may actually be a business combination. The folks at Stream Systems surely saw something they admired in Praemo; so much so they decided to grab the technology and people. How flattering, indeed!

Stream is revolutionizing modeling simulation software for industry to help companies see and resolve network optimization challenges quickly and easily. The combination gives them access to Praemo’s AI/Machine Learning team which immediately strengthens the internal data science capabilities Stream offers. Praemo’s product—Razor™—is highly complementary to Stream’s SimOpti and harnesses the power of machine learning to streamline production processes and optimize industrial operations.

The addition of Praemo will also help Stream Systems accelerate their product road map and support the transition from a Professional Services company to a Software as a Service company. Stream Systems has released their first MVP for the mining industry and will be releasing their first commercial product in the fall of 2023.

Great news for Praemo, and great news for us at McRock! The transaction also means Stream Systems joins our strong portfolio of Digital Industrial leaders. We’re excited to watch what they do next with this powerful tool to optimize industrial assets. Welcome to the family, Stream!