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mcrock our portfolio rockergif
mcrock our portfolio rockergif

Samdesk has created a global disruption monitoring platform powered by big data and AI

James and Ashlyn

Are protecting your people, assets and brand with real-time crisis alerts.
ClientsFortune 500 companies
LocationEdmonton, Canada
ExpertiseBig data and AI
InvestmentSeptember 2021

Disaster, unfortunately, is a fact of life. We will face crises, natural and man-made, small and large scale, financial, reputational and in the worst possible cases, where human health and safety are at risk. Samdesk’s AI platform ingests vast amounts of real-time data to provide alerts and insights accurately and instantaneously. It alerts organizations on how its people, assets, operations, and brand will be impacted.

Samdesk intelligence arrives up to 45 minutes faster than traditional media, giving its clients a significant advantage to protect human life and critical assets or provide operation continuity in situations where every second matters.

Alert notifications in a way that works best for its clients. Straight to a phone, email, via Slack and more.

The monitoring platform natively ingests content in dozens of languages, giving its AI the ability to recognize disruptions across the globe.

Providing clients with the full picture as crisis events are unfolding with images, videos, maps, coupled with live traffic and weather.

Andrew Diamond

Landing AI has created
an enterprise MLOps platform in
which companies with even
limited data sets can realize the
business and operational value
of AI and move AI projects from
proof-of-concept to full scale


is helping traditional industries, and not just AI experts, build and deploy powerful AI systems
Manufacturing, electronics and agriculture
California, USA
Data-centric approach to AI powered by good data over big data
October 2021

The next era of AI as one in which all companies access the benefits of AI—not just consumer internet companies like Google and Facebook—but traditional industries such as manufacturing and agriculture. To do that requires a new, data-centric approach to building AI that ensures that the data conveys what they need the AI to learn. Using Landing AI’s data-centric AI technology, the application of AI will no longer depend on big data but on the data the entities actually have, which is often limited.

Founded by Dr. Andrew Ng,
co-founder of Coursera, former chief scientist of Baidu, and founding lead of Google Brain, Landing AI is uniquely positioned for rapid growth.

You don’t always need big data to win with AI. You need good data that teaches the AI what you want it to learn. By bringing machine learning to everyone regardless of the size of their data set, AI will have a real-world impact on all industries

Landing AI’s no code/low code data-centric platform enables new users to build advanced AI models in less than a day.

The company applies AI and deep learning to help manufacturers solve visual inspection problems, find product defects more reliably, and generate business value.

James Franklin - Triax

Triax provides real-time, data-driven worksite visibility, safety, security and improved project management.


Is optimizing workplace safety and operational efficiency
ClientsConstruction, Energy, Manufacturing
LocationNorwalk, CT, USA
ExpertiseWorkplace safety and visibility
InvestmentMay 2021

Acquired by Invixium in 2024

Triax Technologies transforms the most challenging work environments through intelligent technology and real-time data collection to make worksites run faster, safer, and smarter. It does this by delivering a fully connected IoT platform through a proprietary communication hub designed for challenging IT environments in even the harshest industrial worksites.

The flagship Spot-r system delivers comprehensive insights and zone-based real-time location services (RTLS) to improve worker safety, boost productivity and optimize operations.

Intrinsic Safety rated devices are approved for operation in the most hazardous environments. The network architecture works reliably in challenging conditions, including remote and confined worksites.

Contact tracing and social distancing technology delivers active feedback to workers in the form of visual and audible alarms. Keeping workers safe and jobsites in compliance.

The Spot-r Equiptag monitors real-time equipment location, operator identity , and utilization to better manage equipment and machinery.

mcrock poka main

Poka is built to support on-the-job learning, real-time access to knowledge and the continuous capture of new, improved ways of working.

Alex and Antoine

Are continuously improving the factory floor
ClientsGlobal manufacturers and factories
LocationQuebec City, Canada
ExpertiseFactory floor support
InvestmentApril 2021

Acquired by IFS in 2023

Poka helps manufacturers drive performance by empowering frontline workers with the knowledge and tools they need to do their jobs efficiently and effectively and contribute to continuous improvement. Poka’s worker performance app combines digital content, communication, collaboration and skills management capabilities into a single integrated platform, enabling workers to learn, solve problems and share knowledge in real-time, on the factory floor.

Digital manufacturing leaders rely on Poka to improve the knowledge, performance and productivity of their factory workers.

Poka is named after the Japanese term Poka-yoke which means “mistake-proofing”. The software platform empowers factory workers with the knowledge and tools to drive plant productivity.

Digital work instructions, micro-lessons and troubleshooting tips accessed in seconds by workers.

A closed-loop approach to problem solving that supports and engages workers in a culture of continuous improvement.

mcrock plus one robotics portfolio

Plus One creates award winning vision software solutions for logistics robots to automate a range of common tasks in warehouses.

Erik, Shaun and Paul

provide the fastest, most reliable 3D vision and AI-powered software for logistics robots
ClientsLogistics and warehouses
LocationSan Antonio, TX, USA
ExpertiseAutonomous software
InvestmentApril 2021

Plus One Robotics lives by the mantra, “Robots work. People rule”. That is because the company delivers an unparalleled approach to human-robot collaboration to tackle the challenges of variability and workforce shortages facing warehouses and distribution centers. The team has decades of collective experience developing logistics applications and deploying logistics robots for material handling tasks. Combining this experience with the team’s passion in harnessing the power of human intelligence with AI, improves people’s lives and simply changes the world.

Human-robot collaboration improves throughput, uptime and ROI while enabling workers to move to more value-added positions in the warehouse.

3D and AI-powered software determines accurate maneuvering of millions of SKUs in common tasks such as sorting and depalletizing.

PickOne is a 3D and AI-powered software solution that provides fast, accurate, scalable vision software for robotic automation tasks.

Yonder is a robot supervision software that leverages human intelligence (aka: a robot-wrangler) to handle exceptions for the variety of items passing from dock to door.

mcrock dott full

Dott is helping places we call home be less polluted and congested based on how we travel and connect our cities to our citizens.

Henri and Maxim

Are freeing our cities with clean rides for everyone
LocationAmsterdam, The Netherlands
Expertise E-mobility and analytics
InvestmentApril 2021

Dott’s IoT-enabled and data driven operating system makes micromobility accessible to everyone. From day one, Dott made the choice to take care of all operations in-house. This means vehicles, tech, management, maintenance and control operations. This fully integrated approach enables Dott to control traceability, safety and quality in addition to building long term and sustainable relationships with city operators and riders.

Dott builds its electric mobility products to last so it can fight air pollution and global warming while offering amazing urban mobility for people.

Dott has a winning formula by combining operational excellence, hardware & software expertise and collaboration with city stakeholders.

Dott has built large, dominant and profitable strongholds in highly prized micromobility markets in Europe including Belgium, France, Germany, Italy and Poland.

Going Multimodel with new micromobility vehicles across European cities such as e-bikes.

mcrock eric 2eip

E2ip connects people to
machines and machines to each other.


transforms the surfaces we touch everyday
ClientsIndustrial, aerospace, transportation
LocationMontreal, Canada
Expertise Human Machine Interface
InvestmentFebruary 2021

From ideation to fabrication, rethinking the boundaries between technology and design to deliver innovative Human-Machine Interface and Smart Surface solutions.

Creating new possibilities through innovations in printed electronics, material science, advanced manufacturing processes, and embedded systems.

HMI communications and control is key to transitioning industrial products to flexible connected interfaces with new data layers.

Embedded software platforms help OEMs add connectivity and brand differentiation functionality through GUIs on touch screen panels.

Rapid deployment is achieved through IP driven, pre-formulated software on hardware, accompanied by a rich tools platform.

GUI builder tools enable scalable platforms with rapid prototyping.

mcrock k

RtTech understood that complete real-time intelligence and tracking is the first step towards increasing industrial productivity.


connected EVERYTHING on the plant floor
Clients Industrial Operators
Location New Brunswick, Canada
Expertise Real-time Intelligence
Investment February 2015

Acquired by Aspentech and Vinci Energies in 2018

RtTech’s solutions were successfully deployed in over 100 sites across 26 countries for Cargill, BHP Billiton, Barrick Gold, Rio Tinto, AGL, Alcoa, and more.

In 2018, RtTech was acquired by AsptenTech and Vinci Energies. AspenTech’s asset optimization strategy was augmented with sophisticated cloud and edge processing across the plant and enterprise. The acquisition of the industrial solutions segment enabled Actemium (a division of Vinci Energies) to enhance asset utilization and utilities consumption.

Started with the data historian and then went direct to sensor data for smaller companies.

Applications and connectivity established downtime monitoring and maintenance & reliability KPIs at the machine level.

RtDuet industrial analytics was designed to improve equipment availability and utilization in manufacturing and power generation.

RtEMIS was designed as an energy management information system for industrial facilities based on connected applications.

mcrock dan

SkySpecs delivers
autonomous inspections
with a bold vision
– to
make renewable energy
the most affordable
form of energy in the

Danny, Tom and Jon

are committed to making the clean energy transition a reality
Clients Renewable Energy
Location Ann Arbor, MI, USA
Expertise Predictive Failure Intelligence
Investment November 2019

Using machine learning, robotics, and software, SkySpecs optimizes the operations and maintenance of the renewable energy industry to enable better data driven decision making. Their mission is to continue driving change in the renewable energy sector with technology and automation that minimizes unplanned downtime and increases total production, making renewable energy more accessible to the world.

SkySpecs has offices in Ann Arbor, Michigan & Amsterdam, Netherlands, & operates in 19 countries on 5 continents.

North American leader in onshore and offshore wind turbine blade inspections, servicing large global wind portfolio owners.

Inspections are autonomous with proprietary anti-collision technology and are capable of advanced photogrammetry.

Inspection data is housed in Horizon, developed in-house as an industry standard source of truth to support and inform critical data driven decisions.

Horizon uses advanced AI methods on blade data to alert clients about damage propagation rates and failure, creating transparency and enabling predictive O&M.

mcrock kurtis

Miovision is helping
build tomorrow’s smart
cities by transforming
the way traffic networks
are managed today.


is the maestro of traffic
Clients Smart Cities
Location Waterloo, Canada
Expertise Intelligent Traffic Networks
Investment May 2018

Miovision is creating a future with more on-demand city services and less traffic by using data to transform mobility. Backed by the world’s most advanced traffic AI, their innovations in traffic signal planning and operations have made it possible for cities to improve the transportation experience for drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians.

With offices in Kitchener, Canada and Cologne, Germany, Miovision serves over 17,000 municipalities worldwide.

Traffic AI processes video feed to generate data on vehicles, bikes and pedestrians, which can be analysed singularly.

Processed data is used to create traffic networks for city planners and other authorities.

7 billion cars counted, 8 million hours of processed traffic video and 1,000 clients in 66 countries.

Cities use unique Miovision insights to optimize traffic and urban planning, improving the experience for all citizens.

Mcrock Bruno

Stream Systems is optimizing industrial assets using simulation without code.


Solving business challenges with a system-level approach to assets and supply chain in the cloud
Clients Industrial Markets
Location Calgary, Canada
Expertise Software simulation

Run years of data to achieve simulation results in minutes. Input data from multiple sources to achieve a holistic picture. Cross-functional teams collaborate simultaneously on the same simulation model.


Stream’s SimOpti is fast. Discover network optimization challenges that previously would take months or years and cost millions of dollars.

Asset systems do not exist in linear systems. They're dynamic with multiple variables interacting simultaneously.SimOpti enables integration of data from multiple sources to provide a realistic picture of reality.

Cross-functional teams collaborate simultaneously on the same simulation model.

Even if you don't have modeling simulation experience, SimOpti's intuitive drag and drop interface is easy to use, providing fast insight to network optimization challenges.

mcrock nick

ThoughtTrace is
reshaping the legal
document service for
industrial markets with
cost effective AI
discover critical clauses.


uses AI to discover and understand complex contracts and documents
Clients Energy, Industrial Markets
Location Houston, TX, USA
Expertise AI and NLP
Investment May 2020

Acquired by Thomson Reuters in 2022

ThoughtTrace’s AI-powered document intelligence platform enables organizations to uncover valuable information buried in contracts in a fraction of the time and cost associated with traditional methods. Their solution helps clients expand and link data analytics from a physical asset to the contracts that govern that asset, dramatically reducing operating expenses, minimizing risk, and creating new revenue opportunities. ThoughtTrace is headquartered in Houston, TX with offices in five other major cities in the USA.

Unstructured data solution that digests documents and creates associations of information using ontologies.

Uncover information in minutes or hours, compared to weeks or months with traditional methods.

Domain specific AI algorithms trained by subject matter experts and millions of contracts.

Intelligent and automatic identification and classification of documents greatly increases organization efficiency and accuracy.

mcrock shi

Invixium envisions a world
where physical spaces are
seamlessly secured with
innovative facial
and analytics.


made the body the key
Clients Energy, Industrial Markets
Location Toronto, Canada
Expertise Biometric Security
Investment October 2015

Invixium is differentiated through its advanced algorithms, smart engineering and flexible architecture. Titan, a flagship device, uses touchless facial recognition technology to provide access control and workforce management. Thermal infrared cameras detect fever and reduce health risks at office buildings, industrial facilities, construction sites and airports. Headquartered in Toronto with a presence in the US, UK and India, Invixium’s solutions have been sold in 60 countries to over 350 customers.

Access control and identity management delivered through edge computing and facial recognition.

4 factor authentication and 'liveness' recognition with fever detection, iris recognition and fingerprint/finger-vein backup.

Next generation of ultra-strong, feature rich product line that can survive a waterfall, or extreme weather conditions.

Best-in-class: Identification of 15 to 18 faces per minute, enriched with deep analytics, device data and audit credentials for superior time & attendance software.

mcrock fred

A forerunner in AI
and ML built specifically
for the IoT
, mnubo is
exceptional at extracting
business value from
equipment data.

Fred, Adi, JCC and JC

use data science to transform industrial insights
Clients Energy, Industrial Markets
Location Montreal, Canada
Expertise AI and Machine Learning
Investment May 2015
Acquired by Aspentech in 2019

mnubo’s data analytics platform focused on extraction of true value from sensor data by delivering advanced real-time analytics, strategic insights, predictions and enabling richer applications. In 2019, mnubo was acquired by AspenTech to accelerate and augment AspenTech’s vision for asset optimization solutions – combining deep process expertise with AI and machine learning.

Horizontal AI provider for industrial IoT data. They create new data assets and derived IP from equipment data with IoT analytics for clients.

Semi-supervised learning applied to unstructured data sets, enabling insight without sophisticated and expensive internal practices.

Algorithms and machine learning techniques applied to over 120 different product types to create monetizable insights for clients.

Making the quantum leap from predictive analytics to prescriptive analytics with use cases around asset health and predictive maintenance.

mcrock remi

Decisive farming is re-imagining farming with a collaborative approach to farm management, precision agronomy and crop marketing.

Remi & Tasha

are revolutionizing farm management with digital solutions
Clients Growers
Location Alberta, Canada
Expertise Precision Agriculture
Investment October 2016

Acquired by Telus in 2019

By acting as the farmer’s primary operating system, Decisive Farming supports everything from sensors, weather, planning & budgeting and agronomic soil testing amongst other offerings. In 2019, Telus acquired Decisive to bring an innovative data and technology play, centered around collaboration, farmer profitability and timely data driven decisions. At the time of acquisition, the platform managed over 6 million acres and on 40 different crop types in North America.

Data platform for farmers and service providers (retail, equipment dealers etc.) based on the efficiencies of data sharing and data driven decision making.

Sensor, weather and service provider data along with crop plans, field boundaries & other information enable predictive insights & precision agriculture.

Track grower margins in (near) real-time, value futures & options, feed agronomic program for accurate information.

mcrock igig

Worldsensing provides
wireless remote
monitoring of critical
from tailing dams
in Brazil to bridges
in Italy.


transforms how infrastructure is managed
Clients Mining & Construction
Location Barcelona, Spain
Expertise Connected Operational Intelligence
Investment July 2017

By empowering operators to make the right decisions based on real-time intelligence, Connected Operational Intelligence helps make predictions, improve efficiency and prevent disasters in over 60 countries across 6 continents. Loadsensing is a leading platform for automated correlation, machine learning, anomaly detection and predictive analytics across construction, mining and critical infrastructure. Worldsensing has offices in Barcelona, London, Los Angeles and Singapore.

Loadsensing helps monitor and reveal hidden threats by measuring strain across complex geotechnical environments.

Cloud-based visualization and accessible by any internet-connected device.

Utilises several wireless data loggers that work remotely to gather data. Long-range capabilities are perfect for harsh environments or difficult-to-access sites.

Predictive real time analytics, machines learning and anomaly detection create increased efficiency and ROI.

mcrock clearpath diamond

Clearpath is creating safer and more efficient environments for industrial workers by using navigation AI and robotics to automate movement-based tasks.

Matt, Ryan and Bryan

are masters of industrial autonomous software
Clients Industrial Factories & Warehousing
Location Kitchener, ON, Canada
ExpertiseIndustrial Autonomous Software
Investment September 2020

    Acquired by Rockwell Automation in 2023

Clearpath is a pioneer in autonomous robotics, developing one of the first platforms for robotics research. Today, Clearpath is a global leader in autonomous navigation and robotics to enable self-driving vehicle development, deployment, and operation in manufacturing, warehousing and academia. Clearpath is headquartered in Kitchener, Canada and operates through sales partnerships in North America, Europe and Asia.

OTTO Motors enables industrial transformation with fully autonomous, flexible material handling robots.

Key autonomy software strengths in localization, coordination, docking and planning – robust point-to-point autonomous navigation of mobile robots

Autonomy Research Kit (ARK) is designed for researchers in academia and corporate R&D providing a powerful processor, sensor suite which is ROS ready and fully extensible with developer API

Unmanned Ground Vehicles (UGVs) are built for rough, all-terrain environments - durable and can easily incorporate a variety of payloads including sensors, manipulators and customization.

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