McRock and EDC co-lead $120 million growth funding round for e2ip

They’ve got the “touch”—investment will help fuel productization for leader in smart surface technology

Anyone else experiencing déjà vu? It’s not your imagination. This is the second week in a row where we’re announcing a big deal with financing powerhouse Export Development Canada (EDC). (You may recall last week we announced a whopping $260 million deal for Miovision—if you missed it, check out the news here. This is a partnership we’re especially proud of.

This time we’re co-leading the effort with EDC and collaborating with existing investor in e2ip Investissement Québec, new investor Fonds de Continuité DNA and National Bank of Canada (BNC). Founding investors W and Namakor remain. McRock co-founder Scott MacDonald has become Chair of the Board of Directors as part of the financing.

The $120 million investment will be used to productize decades of HMI and IIoT technology leadership from its high-performance engineered solutions business, and to grow global revenue through the digital deployment of its productized and ready-to-use printed electronics, embedded systems, touchscreen and In-Mold-Electronics (IME) platforms.

We want the world to pay attention to what e2ip is doing. Because it’s super cool. Its roots can be traced back more than 100 years to the development of pressure-sensitive products in Canada. Told you it was cool! Today, in a world where technology is king, the next generation of innovators are successfully embracing the human connection. e2ip is part of that movement and we’re here to back them, along with the other innovators in the McRock portfolio.