People are talking, and not just any people…

McRock’s Responsible Investing Report makes waves

Shell’s TechXplorer, a magazine all about scientific research and technology initiatives within the Shell portfolio featured McRock this summer. Why? For setting a new standard in digital industrial investing. Yes, there is A Right Way.

What started as a vision early in our careers became our mission, when we started McRock more than a decade ago – to change the world by investing in companies that are helping industrial operations run better, faster, cheaper, safer and with lower environmental impact. We also saw the incredible opportunity to bring more diversity to these industries. We’ve seen, first-hand, companies with more diversity in their leadership teams create more value in their sectors and perform better because of that. The way we see it–the right way is good for the world and it’s good for business.

In 2022, we raised the bar with the McRock Responsible Investment Report, where we put tangible, visible and impactful measures in place to implement our investment philosophy, for all the world to see, for us to live up to and for our industry to follow.

Thanks to Shell and TechXplorer for sharing our story. We’re proud to call you our partner.

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