Our commitment to Miovision just keeps on growing

McRock joins co-investors in increasing capital investment in intelligent transportation solutions leader

In case any of you doubted how much we believe in Miovision, McRock and fellow co-investors— Maverix and Telus—are making a second and final tranche in the most recent funding round with a further $36 million in capital. This brings the total investment to $296 million following the funding round announced in April 2023. The additional capital is to help Miovision meet accelerating opportunities in the marketplace.

They’re hot. So hot, in fact, that our co-founder and Miovision board member Whitney Rockley declared during a recent podcast that she “double-dog-dares anyone to try and compete against Miovision right now.”

And no wonder. The convergence of Miovision’s smart transportation technology with the demand from urban planners and the general public for safer, cleaner, more efficient infrastructure is driving interest after years of hard work, preparation, and patience. And of course, the vision of Kurtis McBride, CEO and co-founder of Miovision, who first saw the potential for data-driven traffic solutions.

The real-world application of Miovision’s solutions is what excites the market and fuels financial commitment from investors. “Miovision is bringing brains to the intersection,” says Whitney. “The company is a leader in helping cities, towns and agencies gather multimodal traffic data and deliver the kind of analytics that help their customers manage urban transportation far more effectively. They are helping solve a real challenge and we see a significant, growing opportunity for the company and its solutions.”

It’s Responsible Investing in action.