Software is playing matchmaker, bringing people and machines together to meet production demands

McRock ups its investment in connected worker company Triax

It appears the variable labour market isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Are we going to sit around and moan about it until things “go back to normal”? News flash: this is the new normal.

Blame the pandemic, the ageing workforce’s Great Resignation or the incoming generation of workers who appear uninterested in manufacturing careers…assigning blame won’t change anything. Global central banks are doing their part by hiking interest rates to curb the ongoing surge in demand for goods and services. But even a good ol’ recession in 2023 isn’t going to end the squeeze on labour.

Pretty much every industry across every sector needs to adapt to this reality or be left behind when their productivity and quality dip because of inconsistent, unskilled or underskilled workers. Good news! The tech industry is poised to help them adapt with software products that promise to get the best out of the workers available.

Triax is one of those innovators. They recognized a gap consistent across most modern asset-intensive operations: data. Industrial organizations were lacking true visibility at the front-line worker level. Without actionable data they were experiencing bottlenecks, budget overages, extended project timelines, increased worker safety incidents and an overall decline in workforce productivity. Bad news for the bottom line.

The solution lies in software that connects this variable workforce with the right tools and training to optimize productivity. Triax Technologies provides business leaders with decision-grade data generated by the connected worker to identify areas for improvement. The software platform empowers visibility into productivity metrics, safety compliance and equipment management.

The industrial workplace is no place for romance, but this technology love match between people and machines is one we can get behind.

McRock has led a follow-on financing round in Triax to bring an urgent productivity boost to the customers it supports.