McRock Backs IoT Data Analytics Company mnubo

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Toronto, Ontario–(May 14, 2015) – McRock iNFund LP, an Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) venture  capital fund managed by McRock Capital, announced today its participation in the $6 million Series A  financing of mnubo, the Internet of Things (IoT) Data Analytics Startup, alongside of White Star Capital. 

Over the past year, mnubo has seen an increase of over 400% in the number of connected objects on its  platform, and now counts customers across North America, Europe and Asia. These manufacturers are  using the SmartObjects™ service to ingest, organize, clean and enrich their sensor data, and integrate  the real-time insights and predictions into applications and business processes. 

“Back in 2012, mnubo was a precursor in Data Analytics built specifically for the IoT. Nowadays, it has  become clear to the entire industry that the real business value from the IoT is about transforming the  raw sensor data into actionable insights”, said Frederic Bastien, co-founder and CEO at mnubo. “We are  extremely pleased to welcome McRock Capital as a strategic partner. With their vast experience in the  Industrial IoT markets and their global networks, mnubo is now ideally positioned to grab an impressive  share of both the Consumer and Industrial IoT Analytics markets”. 

“mnubo has developed a scalable IoT analytics service that is suitable for industrial devices and  machines. The unique ability to identify patterns and extract intelligence from equipment’s data is a  breakthrough and will drive significant cost savings and operational efficiency”, stated Whitney Rockley,  co-founder and Managing Partner at McRock. “Their sophisticated data science will have a profound  impact on industrial markets as companies learn from sensor data, understand business outcomes  better and ultimately gain huge competitive advantages”.

As part of this financing, Whitney Rockley, Co-founder of McRock Capital, will join the mnubo Board of  Directors.  

About mnubo – mnubo makes the IoT smarter. mnubo provides Big Data and Analytics for the IoT – transforming ‘connected things’ into ‘smart objects’. Its focus is to help extract true value from sensor  data by delivering advanced real-time analytics, strategic insights, predictions and enabling richer  applications. mnubo offers a SaaS solution to connected object manufacturers and other IoT players to  ingest, enrich and analyze their object data. mnubo’s services benefit customers in wearables, home,  automotive and industrial environments. For more, visit or follow us on twitter  @mnubo  

About McRock Capital – McRock is the first dedicated Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) venture capital  fund focused on the intersection of sensors & software in large industrial markets. The McRock Team  has a unique background of building high-growth venture-backed IIoT companies while also having  worked in the power, water and oil & gas industries. The fund is backed by large institutional investors  and Cisco Systems. McRock invests across Canada and the US in grid automation, digital oilfield,  advanced manufacturing and smart city markets. For more, visit or follow us  on twitter @McRockCapital