Advancing big industry with 3D visual Digital Twins: Prevu3D Joins McRock’s Portfolio

Montreal disruptors are reimagining the industrial environment by creating 3D digital replicas of real-world assets

Our latest investment is breaking the mold and changing the Digital Twin category with some downright cool innovations to help businesses take their first steps into the industrial metaverse. We’re excited to welcome Montreal-based Prevu3D to our portfolio!

Prevu3D offers a comprehensive platform designed to unlock the limitless potential of 3D technology for industries. Their innovative software seamlessly ingests reality capture data and connects real-world assets, data and personnel, enabling efficient management of industrial installations. Think heavy machinery, production lines, facilities, loading bays, etc. – exactly where we like to play. With Prevu3D, the future of industrial operations is where technology and efficiency converge. Their solution ensures precise documentation of industrial infrastructure and significantly enhances communication among stakeholders, mitigating risks and minimizing delays in engineering projects.

Our investment and expertise will assist Prevu3D scale its operations. We’ve been investing and believing in Industrial Software since we launched the firm in 2012. The successes of our first decade stem from applying our deep expertise and can-do attitude to nurture several high-potential industrial SaaS companies from basement startups into international success stories. Companies like Prevu3D don’t come along every day. This kind of innovation will continue to accelerate the Digital Industrial Revolution – with the right support.

“We’ve seen what McRock Capital has done for other Industrial Software companies, and we’re excited to access their growth capital and expertise as we scale our business,” says Nicolas Morency, Prevu3D Founder and CEO.

Curious about how they apply this tech in real life? We were too.

General Mills is an example of how Prevu3D can help customers manage their engineering projects safely, on schedule and within budget. Their engineering team used Prevu3D to create an accurate 3D model of their St-Hyacinthe plant, replacing outdated 2D plans. This digital replica enabled detailed site analysis without on-site visits, reducing safety risks and accelerating planning. Prevu3D’s RealityPlatform provided a comprehensive understanding of the site, streamlining engineering workflows and enhancing design efficiency. The software’s seamless integration required no specialized hardware and ran on standard computers, supported by initial training and ongoing customer success assistance. General Mills was able to advance their engineering project swiftly, maximizing the potential of 3D technology and improving value creation across their operations.

Eager to learn more? Check out this video about Prevu3D.